A personalized experience in every room

Make your guests feel right at home by giving them a personal message when entering the hotel room. Provide them with an overview of all your hotel facilities, the hotel its story or history and some 'good to knows', to ensure them a perfect stay.
  • Next level guest engagement

    With a direct overview of the area and all the great things it has to offer. Give your guests the ability to navigate themselves to their preference of location, like they own the city. 
  • Save Time

    With less calls to the reception, whether it is to order new towels, a cab or even roomservice. On Spot will make sure all the right information is gathered and will be delivered to the right person or channel. 
  • More guest satisfaction

    By providing the concierge service store to your guests. Let them pick the service that they need and it will be delivered to their hotelroom door.
  • Increase revenue

    Extend your hotel services with analyzing the orders of your hotel guests. By knowing their needs, you can provide them with the best service they will ever have.

Main features

Choose one of the key elements you would like to be highlighted and discover how On Spot can help your hotel getting the best guest satisfaction. Build a friendly and efficient user experience.
  • Digital upgrade

    Think green, think greener! Say goodbye to your paper hotel folders and go for a digital and modern solution. You will save time, save money and provide your guests with a twenty first century service.
  • Never get lost again

    Provide your guests with one of the most advanced city guides, operated by their most trusted device. Let them discover the fun of exploring a new city while feeling right at home.
    • Content is key

      By updating all content automatically, On Spot will take over your time taking work. The city guide will always be up-to-date, so guests will experience the city in the now.
    • No unnecessary downloads

      On Spot is a fully operational progressive web app which can be used in any webbrowser on any IOS or Android device.
    • Wayfinding

      Your guests will never get lost again thanks to the interactive city guide providing navigation, transportation and the useful 'find your way back' button.
  • Upgrade your concierge service

    What about updating your B2B service level as well? Present your partners an Appstore filled with B2B services and show them how to deliver high level consumer experiences in an efficient way.
    • Connect with your partners

      Is there a service missing in the store, On Spot will work on a digital connection with your partners, which will build positive business relations.
    • No financial risk

      On Spot will take care of all credit checks and providing your clients with a refund policy, so you provide them with the service level they deserve.
  • Roomservice

    Don't stay behind and follow the future of ordering roomservice. On Spot provides a digital solution which will tickle your guests their tastebuds and enables direct communication to your kitchen staff.
    • Order in advance

      Let your guests order in the evening and wake up with fresh breakfast at the doorstep
    • A feast for the eye

      Bring your roomservice to life by presenting the dishes in high resolution photography

Take it with you

The mobile version opens automatically after connecting to the hotel its WiFi-connection, which ensures your guests will use the app and get your messages.

Never a dull moment

Take your guests on a inspirational journey while waiting in the lobby with the interactive touchscreen. Waiting will be fun and the reception will be less crowded.

Expand your vision about online payments

On Spot uses a MarketPay solution which allows automatically splitted payments to reduce of any risk. Let us handle the transaction and receive your commission directly. Think beyond creditcard payments by providing global payment methods; On Spot has it all. 

  • Automated payouts

    Schedule a monthly payment for the delivered services.
  • Split payments

    Receive a kickback fee for all sold revenues from the Appstore.
  • No Risk

    On Spot does the credit check for you so all the services provided are trustworthy.

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